Hope for those who believe and trust.

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I consider that the afflictions of this present time are not comparable to the coming glory to be manifested in us. Romans 8:18

The life that we have today is equal to the water that we take in our hand, it escapes us from the fingers, no matter how hard or strong you squeeze the fingers the water spills, there is no way to avoid it. This is our life, short and fleeting, although we strive to get things, material goods, academic titles and a myriad of things, nothing we get can keep it forever, in the end everything ends and the end is the same in all cases, however, and despite all that, there is something much better beyond, when we observe the sea in its grandeur, enormity and majesty is similar to what God has reserved for those who hope in him and trust him, you would prefer the water you hold in your hand to the water of the sea? As well as that enormous sea are the blessings that God has for his children who love him and who trust him, who wait for him and who do not fall in love with the things of the world , that is why true Christians seem fools or masochists, who endure need, suffer sorrow, and many will say that they do not think about the future, because they do not strive for material goods here, but it is just the opposite, they think so much about the future, I do not care Whatever happens or they suffer here, they are sure that they will receive that wonderful award. That is why Pablo affirms with propriety; "I consider that the afflictions of this present time are not comparable to the coming glory that is to be manifested in us" It is worthwhile to strive here to reach that sea of ​​blessings, no matter what we lose here, the Lord will reward us a thousand millions of times more, that’s why we should not be afraid to leave here anything that separates us from our hope, and in our longing for such great blessings, we would like to share them with you for eternity, that’s why we went out into the streets, knocked on doors, delivered little pieces of paper , we write these messages while others barely sleep, we are also sleepy, we also have needs and desires, but we take every opportunity to declare that the future is better than the present with all its apparent glories. Would not you like to enjoy everything good for eternity? Or are you happy to enjoy the little that there is on earth for a short time and miss the biggest? What God has prepared for his children are things that human eyes have never seen, things as huge as the sea, but which are reserved for those who believe and follow the Lord. I hope you can have this same hope and arrive what arrives; suffering, illness or death, we can wake up in that day with the hope of a better life, do not be content to see how your life escapes from your hands, strive to strengthen eternal life for you and yours.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date 13-Aug-2018

Why give of yours?

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Give and they will give you, they will give you a good measure, tight, shaken and overflowing. Because with the measure they will be measured. Lucas 6:38

How good it is to receive things, gifts, attention, details, etc., but when we have to give, well, that’s where many of us begin to think and justify our behavior so that we do not have to share, the kingdom of heaven consists in giving, giving Again and again, God never tires of giving, never tires of attending, of serving and providing, even to those who do not deserve it, and that is precisely what this life is about, it is about sharing. If we learned that sharing is the essence of life and is the key to never miss us, to be happy, we would never stop giving, but how good is to give what others did, what did not cost us, but when we have to give of what you paid and it cost you money or effort, there the giving is not so good, nor nice and in doing so we want to leave marked the fact that it cost us. Human egoism is the cause of so much pain and suffering in the world, everyone is aware of himself, of growing by himself and for himself and leaving others behind and below. In homes and marriages, each one is only aware of himself and is not taking into account the other person, he wants to receive, but at the time of giving, he is retained. But the teachings of Jesus are very clear and direct, do you want to receive? You have to give? How much do you want to receive? How much are you willing to give. If we share what we have the Lord will not leave us without anything, because whoever shares will always have, however the one who holds will never be blessed. In these days of need I invite you to trust in the Lord and to share your bread with the hungry, your time with your family, your life with God, your love with your neighbor, and your money with the needy. Help others, rest in your comfort while others are suffering hardships, work and strive to serve others and the Lord will strive for you. Do you want to receive more? Start to give more.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date 10-Aug-2018

It is difficult to move forward when you do not see the road.

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For his angels will command over you to keep you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11

It was raining and there was a lot of fog, it was difficult to see what was ahead, the lights of the vehicle did not help much, because when reflecting in the haze a white wall appeared impenetrable, ... See more...

Not only suffering.

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For seven times the righteous one falls and rises again, but the wicked plunge into their misfortune. Proverbs 24:16

As long as we walk on earth our life can be sprinkled with pain and suffering, the world is terrible and there are many bad things and sometimes the bad ones come in sequence, but in the same way ther... See more...

The disobedient want reward.

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For God will bring every work to judgment, along with every hidden thing, whether it be good or bad. Ecclesiastes 12:14

Although it seems absurd, those who are worse off behave, are those who demand more, and sadly are currently the owners of the rewards, rewards and benefits, which should be intended for the obedient.... See more...

Only God’s love sustains us.

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Because you, Lord, are good and forgiving, and great in mercy to all who call on you. Psalm 86: 5

How bad we have been, we have forgotten the most important thing, we have put many things above the most valuable, we have spent time, we have squandered money, we have placed so many false idols in o... See more...

Being born, living, dying, is that all?

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But I will see his face in justice, I will be satisfied when I wake up to his likeness. Psalm 17:15

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of life? Who came up with such madness called life? Life has some good moments, perhaps moments of glory and enjoyment, and much pleasure, but as time passes... See more...

Reflexion (Paz Total)God loves you, never forget it, and today he is still waiting for you!.

He went to wash his face in the morning and after finishing cleaning his face fixed his eyes around his house and was stunned, and paralyzed, a comple... See more...

Reflexion (Paz Total)The best inheritance you can give your children.

Many parents ask ourselves what we are going to inherit from our children, many because we have nothing material to give them, others because they hav... See more...

Reflexion (Paz Total)Where does success come from?

Society sells us the idea that success comes from entrepreneurship, associating, investing, buying, selling, knowing when is the time and when not, ne... See more...

Reflexion (Paz Total)How can I serve God?

Perhaps many wonder how I can serve God, and the answer is very simple, doing everything that comes to your hand to do, to do it as if it were for God... See more...

Reflexion (Paz Total)First me, then me, and in the end only me.

In the current revolution that we are experiencing worldwide, the emphasis that preaches is the glory itself, the self-proclamation of the human being... See more...

Reflexion (Paz Total)Pride is the prelude to failure.

Pride and pride are the sins that most displease God, since they emulate or imitate the character of Satan himself, and who manifests these characteri... See more...

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