Those who do good things are good?

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

He who is not born again can not see the kingdom of God. John 3: 3

Doing good things does not mean being good, although the word of God affirms by its fruits you will know them, what is really in the heart comes to light sooner or later, although it may be well hidden for a time, sometimes we get excited by the light emanating certain things or people, however time itself is what determines the truth or source of light that can be seen externally, the one who gives food is not always interested in the people to whom it is given, not always the one who of a ride in your car has good intentions, and not everyone who gives you flowers really loves you, or who kisses you appreciates you, but observes Judas how he betrayed Jesus after a kiss. Many times the gifts are accompanied by a subsequent request or a hidden intention, for that reason only those who in their hearts possess the love of God, their fruits will be consistent with their hearts. Since sin entered the world the human being is born with a heart full of evil and sin, from small children we see reflected without anyone teaching the children; the essence of evil, selfishness, shouting, wanting to impose, manipulation, etc. if he observes a baby he will realize that since he is born he begins to manipulate, to control his parents and as he grows he can see how selfishness gives its first buds, and if these evils are not corrected then the child will be twisted in the way. That is to say when we are born and we are defective, that is why God himself assures us categorically that there is nothing more deceiving than the human heart, it does not matter if you are a priest, a pastor, you are in a convent or if you are the same Pope, in our heart Sin abounds and that’s why we need a savior. Since man sinned in the Garden of Eden our inheritance is sin, that is why Jesus Christ himself had to come into the world as a human being, live in the flesh and fight against human temptations and overcome them, so that by his victory we could have now the option of being children of God, now adopted by him and able to be cleansed of the sin that dwells in us. Only God can transform our sinful lives and give us an opportunity for salvation, transform our lives now, Lord, and help our hearts be transformed by you. And that each day the fruits of a renewed and transformed heart can come to light and others can see in me a new creature, born again in you.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 21-Nov-2017