The back door!

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Beloved, now we are children of God and it has not yet been manifested what we shall be. But we know that when He manifests, we will be like Him because we will see Him as He is. 1 John 3: 2

What the devil tries to do with us is to make us doubt the promises of God, and until today he has succeeded, he knows our needs, in fact many of them he has caused them, and when we are more worried in those circumstances then he introduces the back door the doubt; If you were really a child of God this was not happening to you, if God really existed you would not be in this situation, if you really were faithful to God you did not have this problem. As well as these many other reasoning that come to your mind and through people that even appreciate you that will be used to separate you not what you are, but who you believe. As also the person you appreciate would tell you; If you really loved me, you would give up that religious nonsense and look for a way to do such a thing. If you want to earn money, leave that faith and let’s do this or that. This strategy was used by the devil from the beginning, he used it in Eden when he generated doubt about the trust in God in Adam and Eve; "So God has told you not to eat of any tree in the garden?" This question, charged with distrust against God, made Eve think and generated doubt by destructively undermining her faith in the creator, likewise in the temptation of Jesus After 40 days of fasting, with much hunger and thirst, the enemy approached who had been observing him and knew who Jesus was, and for that reason his purpose was only to make him distrust his father, to make him doubt his faith? Told him; If you are the son of God, make these stones become bread. Jesus knew who he was and knew who he trusted and knew his father, so I do not doubt, because of the sick question and loaded with manipulation of the enemy. However, doubt always comes from the back door, so that it passes imperceptibly. Satan; the devil, who until now has succeeded in working stealthily and secretly wants with you exactly the same; make you doubt God, avoid placing your faith in him and put your faith only in what you see, how to deny the situation we are living ?, the needs that we are going ?, the crisis that is a reality in our life? , it would be a lie to deny it, to see your children without a home, and without a distant or near future, when your clothes are too small and no hope of buying more, when the shoes no longer serve you and there is no money to buy them, when your refrigerator is as if you were going to sell it; totally empty, when your car has been stopped for some time because you do not have the spare part, nor the rubbers, nor the money to repair it, when you do not get the medicines to control your illness, when you see the news and they say that inflation will increase twice as much for the next month, and besides all that you are living, the enemy needs to ask you now; and where is your God ?, if it is so powerful because it does not help you? If it’s so big because it does not listen to you? Have you forgotten about yourself? Will it really exist? Or just wants from you is adoration and attention and does not give you anything? If these questions have gone through your mind, then Satan has been doing his work with you. Just as he did with Job’s wife; "Even when you maintain your integrity or faith in God, curse God and die" However to be able to stand firm to God even in the midst of all this, you must know him, you must know who God is, you must live for him and be willing to say as Job; Even if (God) kills me, I will trust and wait. The greatest need of your beloved friend is nothing of what we mention, or of what may be happening to you today, but of believing fully in God and in his promises and securing yourself in him even though everything around you is destroyed and you show the opposite, let nothing destroy your faith in the almighty.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 22-Nov-2017