What is your priority today?

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

It is therefore faith, the certainty of what is expected, the conviction of what is not seen. Hebrews 11: 1

Someone told me this week a phrase that impressed me; "God is not the priority for many" and it is totally true. So many occupations, situations and things to do, make our priority everything but God, the amazing thing is that believers in God know that they must live by faith; "… but the just shall live by faith" Romans 1:17 and for the time of the end I do not know if you have noticed that this is where we are living, says the Lord that the righteous should be strengthened every day more to God and trust more in him, that faith must be proportional to the challenges we face on a daily basis, since in the last few days only the trust developed in the apparently bad moments will give us security for the terrible moments that are yet to come. But how will we stand before the situations that are yet to come when my priority today is not God? During the time of anguish, Satan will do everything possible to forget God’s love for us, and just look at the circumstances and focus on them. Is not this what is happening today worldwide? What is the most talked about today; on the street, at work and even in the church? How God is helping us? How do we trust and hope in him? How much has he blessed us until today? Or we talk about how we are going to recover the comfort we had before, what we lack, the latest celebrity gossip, the situation we live in, etc., how we will face what comes from the bible that is a tribulation that never Was it, when God is not the priority in my life? It is very sad to say it but God is only now for many; who has forgotten us, because I no longer have to eat what I like, because I lost my social status, etc. However, the devil continues to succeed in undermining and removing our dependence on God and we focus on the day to day. So he tried to do with Jesus, he wanted him to focus on the need that passed after so long without eating, so he urged him to turn the stones into bread, but Jesus who did depend on his father answered with a demonstration that God was his only food and that his trust was in his father. Even in the final hours of his life, the enemy expected Jesus to put his eyes on the possible evil that he might suffer, but the Lord had his eyes and his trust in his father, although he could feel fear and pain, that there is no doubt he felt it in fact, but he knew who he was and who he trusted, do you know who you are? Who do you trust in? Where do you have your look today? Is God your priority? Or perhaps there are many letters or words that tire to read or you get mad quickly of spiritual things? what is your priority? How are you getting stronger by the time the real bad days arrive?

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 23-Nov-2017