Although we do not understand why some things happen, God does.

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And we know that those who love God, all things work together for good, that is, those who are called according to their purpose. Romans 8:28

I do not know what’s happening, until when? Why? There are many questions that we ask ourselves every day when we see that everything is paralyzed or complicated, when things happen that were not in our plans and apparently there is no immediate response to what we are living, many times we have made inspired decisions and trusting in God, however and even with him we are at a crossroads and do not know what direction to take, whether to follow or return, whether to run or walk, but the things or situations that happen to us God allows for some reason however there are times that we can not understand what is happening to us, or why. However, the purpose of this topic is to help you understand that it is not for us to know why, or condemn the circumstances, but to look up to heaven and recognize that there is a God in heaven, powerful and wonderful, who knows every one of our thoughts, that knows the number of our hair and who does not miss anything. The text of Romans 8:28, affirms that God will guide our daily events (of those who love God) and that everything, however crazy and unusual it may seem, God has allowed for in our lives for some of his purposes. Although we will not always understand why everything happens, can we trust that God knows what He is doing with us and in us, and likewise He will use this happening for our own benefit, as He will? How? Or when? They are answers that are not our concern today, we just need to know that God is God and that those who love him, he will help them and take them the way he has chosen for us even though we can not see him, even if scabrous or dark, he will take us and direct us in the route he chooses, our option should be to obey and advance trusting in his wisdom. God has a plan for us, let him take him as he wants and let’s just trust that he is God and he will not stop what he has already begun in us, trust him, he knows what he is doing. Calm, just trust.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 28-Nov-2017