Speak without thinking

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He who restrains his tongue protects his life, but the light lips provoke his wrath. Proverbs 13: 3

Some time ago I was in a bakery and they were close to my two people talking, one told the other, not to make a sale again as he had, because his client was slow in canceling his order due to the conditions his salesman had given him. Many of us could often talk without thinking about our conversations with other people, instead of thinking about what we are going to say, that is, our mouth speaks before our brain, this we can do when we are selling a product or talking with other people people, and we give them anticipated solutions without consciously meditating them. The faculty of speech is a talent (or intellectual capacity as we learn things), which we should cultivate. It is one of the gifts we have received from God, none can be a greater blessing than this. With the voice we convince and persuade; with it we pray and praise God. In our present we live in this difficult and complicated world, many of us act and talk contemptuously at a time when we are told a problem, this can be a gossip, which counts to harm another, even if what is said is true, that is, many times we judge others who do not agree with our opinions or ideas that are not viable for each person’s personal life. The words we speak can greatly influence people, whether for life or death, with it we praise, bless and honor the name of God, with it we can curse people, as expressed in James 3: 9. "With them we bless God the Father, and with them we curse men, who are made in the likeness of God" Our current Culture demands of us, and the use of the faculty of speech is part of every branch both in the service and in our daily activity, be it in our employment, studies, etc., Between family life and in our mutual relations. We have to speak with pleasant tones, to use a pure and correct language, and sweet kind words and full of courtesy. Just as Christ did to every person who approached him, he spoke to him with love and tenderness; The Lord urges us "be our words always with grace. Colossians 4: 6 " ¬†When trying to correct others, we should do it with tact, always taking care of our words. They are for life and death, when we make reprimands, (try not to talk to them) with stern words (our children, brothers, friends) because our reckless expressions can not have any personal effect on them. (How to Enrich The Personality Elena G, from White P. 270-272). Our faculty of speaking should be cultivated, since this is one of the blessings of God given to you and me, before speaking today let’s think first and if our words are going to hurt we better go down.

Author: Carlos Ramirez

Publication date: 29-Nov-2017