Husbands and wives.

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And above all these things, put on love, which is the bond of unity. Colossians 3:14

I love weddings, they remind me of the first marriage on this earth; the one of Adam and Eve in the natural altar, accompanied by beautiful flowers, and singing birds, and on the altar the Lord Jesus giving the blessing to that new couple who began a life together, also surrounded by angels and animals all just come out of the hand of the creator. Marriage is a special and very sacred institution, so important that it was instituted by the Lord Jesus himself and later reaffirming his commitment to marriage at the Cana wedding. It is incredible that his first miracle (Jesus’) was in favor or in the benefit of a marriage. In marriage everyone has their responsibility, she has to grace her family circle as a wife and companion, leaving a Christian influence in her daily walk, respected and loving her husband. The husband as the head of the home must show appreciation for her work, express her love in acts of gratitude. Marriage is compared to Christ and the church, Christ loves his church so much that he even gave his life for it. The husband must love, value and respect his wife as God loves and values ​​his church. The man is the savior of his wife, the wife is the companion is not the slave of the husband and children. Remember that we have duties to fulfill: love unconditionally, be kind, patient, indulgent, considerate, tolerant and courteous. Through the grace of God you can become happy with one another, just as you promised on the altar. May God help us today to fulfill our responsibility before God and before our homes, marriage is not something lightly, nor is antiquated the representation of God and his people, let us give honor to God in our married life.

Author: Yoraxi de Uzcátegui

Publication date: 30-Nov-2017