God has been good to us.

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The Lord is good, is strength in times of anguish and knows those who trust him. Nahum 1: 7

I know that for many of us things are going from bad to worse, many needs and difficult situations, however we can never say that God has abandoned us, in fact when we have felt closest to each other he has been with us, until today we have had food, health and a host of blessings that if we enumerated we could assure that God has been good to us every day and in a great way. The Lord is strength in times of anguish; Are you going through distress today? Perhaps a relative of yours, or anyone in your family environment is going through a terrible situation? Remember then that God is still good and can strengthen us in those moments when we feel more vulnerable and unhappy, and if you are one of those who trust him, then recognize the fact that until today the Lord has been wonderful and good, that will not leave you , he will not abandon you, he takes us engraved in his hands, feet and one side of him, we are worth everything to him, we hurt him and he wants to lead us, if we allow him. Recognizing that God is our God, who is powerful and good, helps us to have peace and tranquility in this world, recognizing then that he is in control, and that even if everything goes out of our hands and our control, nothing happens. the hands and control of God. The emphasis today is to recognize that God has been good to you and to me and that he has not left us, although at some point it would seem that he abandoned us to our fate, but it is not like that, he will not leave us today, nor will he ever leave us. Really believe and trust, no longer feel that the senses can deceive us, believe him because he is faithful to you, he knows you and loves you, do you love him?

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 01-Dec-2017