On each page of the bible the same word is repeated; hope.

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Because the LORD is good; for ever is his mercy, and his faithfulness for all generations. Psalm 100: 5

Someone told me that if there was not another issue in the Bible to talk about that was not trustworthy and hope in God, I started thinking and came to the conclusion that there is no other topic in the whole Bible, but precisely that trust that we can only obtain from God, from the genesis to the apocalypse it speaks to us of the love of God, of his goodness, of his mercy of great love, love that motivated God to create us, then to support us and if it were not enough until he was willing to die for me, I only see that the bible gives us hope through each of its pages, all of them show the great love of Jesus and how that sacrifice prophesied and waiting in the case of the Old Testament saw its fulfillment in the new testament , and at the end of the new testament we see how the apocalypse or revelation shows us through prophetic symbols that the love of God was, is and will be for us eternally, how to hide that great truth? Countless characters in the Bible give us faith and testimony of the mercy of God for his people and shows us that even though I am the worst of all sinners, God loves me and gives me hope for a new life in him, many people use the bible as a history book, as an amulet for houses (open in the room hogging dust), or to swear on it, or perhaps even to perform magic rituals, but this book is far from being any of the aforementioned, its value is not in the cover or binding, or in the sheets or the type of paper, but in every word printed on it, there is the truth, because only through it can we find our savior. Do you want to have hope in your life? Read the bible and discover in it the wonderful plan of salvation, get medicine for your soul and hope to share with others, many Christians are not even read the Bible and that is why many run running here and there without knowing what do, because they lack the anchor of trust in God, the engine of hope that is faith in God and all this is embodied in this ancient book called the Bible, take time to read it, to scrutinize it and find hope in it what you need today for your life. Make this your first job today, do you need hope? Do you want to know the future? Do you want to know how the whole situation we are living will end? Know God through his word and you will have nothing to fear.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 04-Dec-2017