Do good to you, do not worry about what others do.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

As far as you are concerned, do everything you can to live in peace with everyone. Romans 12:18

Living in peace, this is the desire of all, but it is the reality of very few, although all speak of peace, of having it and wanting it. Very few do anything to live in peace, those who speak of peace, are those who offend, they mistreat, beat, scold, challenge and humiliate others; however, after all their harmful actions towards others, they proclaim peace with their mouths, but discord reigns inside them and not a bit of what they say they want to do. So we are many today, on the other hand we are the ones who bother us so many injustices, we see many actions wrong and we want to make a difference by creating justice, and even introducing it, although both of us fail in something, we are more worried about what others do, what I have to do. It is easy to see the errors of the speculative traders and those who want the full weight of the law to fall for their crimes, but if we are what we have value and want to sell it, this is worth, and more than the rest, is to say our product is excellent and it is good, that of others is useless, if I am the abused, how offended I am and how much it hurts, but if it is the other, then we say; It was not a big deal, it’s a weeping baby, the point is that others are not right but I am, others are bad, but I am just and perfect, others were wrong but I never failed once, I did not count more with me, etc., how many times do we fail? how many times do we stumble and make mistakes? Well, if we compare it with others, we have made few mistakes compared to them, and if I have to do something I want to know first how much others are going to do? Sadly in a city, state or country with people like this we can never move forward, because we think that the responsibility of everything belongs to others and not mine, for example the case of our country; We all complain about the prices but we buy more and we accumulate more, although we do not need it, if it only reaches for me, then give it to me, the others do not matter to me. At no time in history had more food been consumed in our country than now, but it turns out that when we see those products we need and really do not need so many, not only buy what we need but if possible we want to buy the full container with everything for me and the others do not matter to me. I have asked myself what a person does with thirty dental creams for a family of three, and just as there are countless dispatches and sales of products at this time, and if you arrive at the supermarket you will not find it because someone already bought it everything, in this way the situation can never end, however we blame others for this, the reality is that no government can change your actions, that is your decision, not even God does, it is our decision. Let’s decide to be better for us, and ask God for your help. I know that the final call of this topic is that you and I are correct, kind, generous and faithful, not for others, but because we owe it to God, it is an order from him, and if we do not comply at some time tilt the scale and we can be on the other side, it is better to give than to receive, if someone asks you; give it to him, because in what situation do you want to be? Where do you give or where do you ask? I hope you can reflect on these short words and decide to do your best, no matter what others do, but above all things, do your best, God will not ask you for the world he did, but for what you did. to make it a better place?

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 05-Dec-2017