The Queen of the Home

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

And if children, also heirs; heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if we truly suffer with Him so that we may also be glorified with Him. Romans 8:17

The mother is the queen of the home, and the children are her subjects. She must govern her house wisely, in the dignity of her motherhood. His influence in the home must be supreme; your word, law. If she is a Christian, under the direction of God, she will win the respect of her children. Children must be taught to consider their mother, not as a slave whose job it is to serve them, but as a queen who is to guide and direct them by teaching them line after line, precept after precept. HC 207.1.2. When you compare a mother with a queen, I think of Queen Elizabeth in her palace with her court and all that implies having that position, although I do not have the monetary wealth of her, I have my palace with a king, princes and princesses , in front of them a great responsibility with my subjects. The Lord addresses the mother as a queen showing her great responsibility and duty to her children, we must teach our princes and princesses who are heirs of the King of the Universe and as such loyal subjects to Him. Many women despise the work or the labor of a mother, but there is no greater responsibility, nor a position so sublime that to educate your children in the fear of God, do not be ashamed to be the queen of the home, because soon the king of kings will grant you the highest honor, be part of his royal court.

Author: Yoraxi de Uzcátegui

Publication date: 26-Dec-2017