God never disappoints those who obey Him.

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Surely I had said that your house and your father’s house would walk before me forever "; but now the Lord declares: "Far be this from me, for I will honor those who honor me, but those who despise me will be despised. 1 Samuel 2:30.

To this day, God has never disappointed those who honor him, God is faithful and his fidelity is as great as his mercy, and in his immense love he continues to work for us, doing for us, without resting, without abandoning us, although Many times we have disappointed him. While the Bible speaks of God’s love on every page it also shows that no person who has decided to trust in God has ever been ashamed. And among those relevant stories appears the story of some young people who were friends among them, taken slaves to Babylon since childhood and although they came to that country as slaves, they soon had the highest offices in that country, they decided to honor God even as a result of their own lives and as a result, God honored them as well, yet their fidelity was tested on the day that the high leader of the country erected a large statue in his own honor and under penalty of death declared that everyone should bow to it, this order was not fulfilled by these three young people who did not bow to the order, as it was against God. The indignant ruler forced them to kneel again on a special occasion of mercy, however the young people did not accept the gift of mercy of that infamous king, because although it seemed good, the order contradicted God, and they preferred to die burned in a furnace. burning fire since this was the punishment for defying the authority of his boss. Even so, they preferred to honor God and God honored them by not allowing them to die while still inside the fire, says the bible that just fell into the burning fire at its maximum power the ropes with which it was tied were burned, but neither a hair of their heads was singed even. How good God is in rewarding those who remain loyal to him. Many of us are being humiliated and ashamed every day, because perhaps every day we are trampling on the honor of God, with our attitude. A faithful child of God, you should not be embarrassed by your own behavior, when it is a promise of God that those who honor you will be honored, and if you have lived to this day in dishonor to God that you can wait? It is time to be faithful to God and show that fidelity even at the cost of our lives, God pays and very well, let it be he who honors you, and if you have to kneel before someone try to be only before God, do not sell yourself a little bread, not betrayal of God for money, he has the possibility of giving you much more than you can lose out of love and fidelity to him. Be faithful to all proof.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 27-Dec-2017