Security or insecurity

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

God is our refuge and strength, our early help in the tribulations. Psalm 46: 2

We live in a world where insecurity prevails, despite everything we use many security systems in our house since we left home in the morning, and even leaving you do not know if you come back to her at night, despite all the progress Technological that are designed to have protection and security, security companies have grown a lot in recent years, but even so we feel insecure at certain times of our lives for different events or calamities that arise unexpectedly and when we do not expect them, they can be: accidents, robberies, homicides, natural disasters, or even simple fear when we travel through a place where darkness predominates, make a list of our fears would really take many pages. What is insecurity? Precisely is the absence or lack of security, security instead; it is the confidence in something, depending on the area or the field that makes reference, it is a feeling of security or confidence in front of a lack or external dangers that affect. The Bible expresses the following about security; God’s security for us is not in the things that surround us, but in spiritual things, our true security is that God protects us, as stated in Psalm 91: "He who dwells in the Shelter of the Most High. He will dwell under the shadow of the Almighty … "this beautiful Psalm of protection shows what God wants to tell us; He is our Protector, who will protect us from all evil that they want to do to us, and it is enough to believe in their word. Security gives us protection, and this protection frees us from the various dangers we may face, now where can we find that security and protection? Our true security can be found through Christ Jesus, our savior, when you and I accept him as our personal savior, when we study his word, meditate on it and trust in his promises we realize that there is nothing What to fear for those who walk with the Lord. Only God is our refuge and strength and he who shelters under the highest, will dwell under the shadow of the Almighty. Put your trust in God and you will not be disappointed.

Author: Carlos Ramirez

Publication date: 29-Dec-2017