A difficult enemy to overcome.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

I say, then, by the grace that is given to me, to each one who is among you, that he has no higher self-concept than he should have, but that he thinks of himself with sanity, according to the measure of faith that God he distributed to each one "Romans 12: 3

While apparently many have enemies the most fearsome of all is ourselves, our biggest impediment to achieving great things is us, our pride and vanity hinder our daily life and where there should be progress there is a balance of destruction and numbness. It seems a lie, but sadly it is true. In heaven a perfect angel began to exalt himself and ended up being the enemy or adversary of God; Satan himself. "Your heart was exalted because of your beauty, you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor; I will throw you on the ground; I will set you before the kings so that they may look on you "(Ezekiel 28:17). Satan exalted himself so much that he ended up believing that he was worthy of everything, his beauty, his talents, his hierarchy and his power led him to become a worshiper of himself, this cost him his position and become the enemy of all that is good. The current world is designed in the same sense, to take you to be the center of the world, although in the past things and inventions were for the benefit of the family, now everything goes in favor of itself and in being the best of the best, that’s why the struggle for the supremacy of the self is causing terrible destructions in homes, at school, at work, the mobile seems to be the same, self-sufficient bosses, proud leaders, conceited wives, authoritarian and dictatorial spouses , powerful leaders and politicians who believe more than God, all this result of the uncontrolled narcissism that human beings feed every day, everything is increasing the power of the self, but, and that of others? If we are all thinking of being the best, then who thinks of others? Who will help others to get ahead? Who will serve others? What future will we bequeath to those who are being born? Well here is the reason for human self-destruction, everyone wants to save himself, but this is impossible, so the one who lives for himself, is sentenced to die alone and without hope, but the one who lives to serve (the one considered silly) not only saves himself but also helps others to save themselves. In what plane are you? Who do you work for? Why do you go to church? If everything you do for yourself and your work is unsuccessful, if you do it for others, then God will do for you what you can not do. Salvation is personal, some declare, and this is the excuse to step on, harm, and destroy others, yet God demonstrated by coming into the world in the person of Jesus, that salvation consists and always consented to do for others. The reflection of this subject only depends on you.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 03-Jan-2018