Is God Real?

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The foolish think that there is no God; all have perverted, they have done evil things; there is no one who does the good. Psalm 53: 1.

It seems incredible that until today many people doubt the existence of a real and genuine God, the existence of Jesus the son of God, and doubt seems to grow more and more in a materialistic world, however those who wish to find the truth or defend the lie and thoroughly examine the evidence and real facts, only they will have to recognize that God is real, that out of love he became a man and came to save the sinner personally and directly. The real evidence about Jesus is overwhelming, the found documents of the time provide more bases of trust than any other historical document, manuscript copies of the New Testament found in different places at the archaeological level known as the new testament have more copies than any other written old and compared with our versions we can see the textual fidelity of these copies, where more than 5000 copies show the veracity of the facts, more copies than any other book, that is to say that the Plato books, Socrates, Hippocrates or other scholar of the time they do not have all together a similar amount of copies of their copies, however the most studied trust more in the books of the latter than in the veracity of the bible, the resurrection of Jesus attested and documented by many eyewitnesses among them their disciples, have been examined again and again by the most demanding forensic expertise and they have certified more than 500 of five hundred witnesses that confirm the facts as real, as well as the weight of the evidence in their favor, many direct witnesses of the crucifixion and later of the resurrection of Jesus leaves no doubt about the reality of the facts and destroys any possibility of conspiracy or massive deception, based on detailed and different writings and legal documents of the time, believers and non-believers confirm Jesus as a real being who lived, died crucified and then resurrected. All skeptical archaeologists or atheists who have dedicated themselves to investigating the reality of this Jesus have had to meet with thousands of proven real scientific and historical facts that they can not hide to maintain their atheistic position, and they have had to recognize that God is real and many of them are now converted to Christianity, not by emotion but by real confrontation. This is perhaps not new to anyone and perhaps you already know it, but the fact of saying; I believe, it is not enough, if for you God is a real and powerful being, and you are aware of the real sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for love for us, because you are not living a life adjusted to who did all that for you ?, because sometimes you live as if God did not exist? And if God’s act of love for us as it was to die on a cross is so real that you are waiting to recognize him as your personal savior? And if the biblical records are so real and historically and scientifically convincing what does this mean for you? Are you ready to receive God in your life? Or are you still living in a fantasy world where you need more faith not to believe, than in a real God who existed and who was willing to give your life for you? I invite you today to accept God in your life, to recognize him as the lord of your life and to live waiting for his soon return as he promised. And if you still have doubt in your heart keep this in mind, if Christianity and all that God thing is false, nothing will happen and there is no problem, but what if it is real? What would happen to you?

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 04-Jan-2018