Even today, God holds us by his hand.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Look at the birds that fly through the air: they do not sow or harvest or keep the harvest in barns; nevertheless, the Father of you who is in heaven feeds them. And you are worth more than the birds! Matthew 6:26

When we speak of God’s care, many wrinkle their faces as a sign of disbelief and skepticism, but God’s care is REAL. You believe or not is an undeniable reality, many of those who read these messages belittle the content of them when it comes to trust in God, because in a materialistic world, who does not work does not eat, and if, applies for some cases, but God knows the needs and capabilities of each person and acts according to the individual needs of their children, that is a personal and intimate God, a God who thinks of me in a unique way and not collectively, but knows my name, knows how many children do I have, what do I have in the fridge and even my heart’s desire, and not only does he know it, but he is willing to please even things that are meaningless or as small as maybe a little candy, an ice cream, etc., Good is God, just like a loving father hanging on his children. Maybe not believe it but in recent days we did not obtain economic resources of any kind during a whole month, without cash, or money in the bank, only at the mercy of the goodness of God, and on holiday dates, times of expenses and waste for many, and really that in this month we could see the hand of God in our favor, day by day we had to eat, and all three times, we left very little home, however with what little we had we could stand and nothing was needed, many friends without knowing gave us their help without knowing if we had or not, and we understood that God had put in his heart the desire to help, in special dates we thought; Well this year we do not touch anything, but a special family invited us to his house and we enjoyed a Christmas family dinner with them, how good is God, he guarantees us food, health, his company and above all his love, this month we learned that if the three meals a day are needed, because otherwise the gentleman would not have provided them, on our roof almost every day a fruit would fall that would complete the meal of the day, and until the last day that I did not go out to Looking for it, the fruit fell from the roof to the door of the house, in case I did not want to go and look for it, it was here now, and if that was not enough, my wife tells me; I would love to enjoy an ice cream with you, and I answer; Well let’s buy it, I did not mean it, but while I’m getting ready to go out, check my account like every day and there was money deposited there that by that time I did not even know who deposited it, but for me that was the answer God of; I invite you an ice cream !, so while we enjoyed that rich ice cream we meditated on how we survived so long without money and without resources, and who can sustain us in that miraculous way, that is not our good God? He has promised and it is a reality. Christians are accused of wanting to evangelize others with our faith, but friend that you read this, when you have discovered such a great salvation, a care as special and beautiful as this, as not sharing it with everyone who arrives by your side and with whom you cross in the street, There is nothing and nobody better than God, and my desire for you is that you try with God, he never fails you, and never will, enjoy the promises and the beautiful blessings from God for yours, know him today while you have the opportunity and remember his promise; If God cares for birds, he will take care of you too.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 09-Jan-2018