The key to salvation

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And they will take part of the blood and put it on the two poles and on the lintel of the houses where they eat it. Exodus 12: 7

We all know the amazing biblical story of Moses and the plagues of Egypt, all the plagues were the amazing sign of the power of God, and the most important or perhaps little noticed was that each plague was warned in advance and gave so much time to the chosen people of God at that time (the Israelites) as well as the pagans (Egyptians) to take their foresight and avoid the plagues, that is to say that the mercy of God was shown at that moment both for theirs and for others, for example in the plague of the hail, was warned in advance and it was even recommended to Pharaoh that he should collect his cattle and put him to safety. What kind of God announces a natural disaster and gives people time to take forecasts? Truly, knowing this only leads us to a conclusion; God is loving and merciful and he does not want any of the worst human beings to perish, but the decision to save the cattle was in the hands of men and not in God’s, because he had to do what he had to do, but he realized what would happen, he who was obedient and cautious kept his cattle safe and waited to see what happened, if God was right his cattle would be saved and if it was a lie, he would not lose anything. In the same way plague after plague was announced and it was in the hands of the Egyptians to be saved or not, they just had to obey. But the worst of all the plagues comes, the death of the firstborn and God announces with time the plague that is to come shadows the country and this would affect all the inhabitants, Egyptians or Israelites, but like the test was also the exit , they only had to do one thing; obey orders to the letter. The order was clear; if you obey the letter, you save yourself, if you disobey then you die, and if you die is God’s fault? He did not warn you how to save you? Well the indications were the following; Exodus 12: 3-10: "On the tenth day of this month each one will take a lamb, according to his family one lamb per house. The lamb will be male without defect, of a year; from among the sheep or from among the goats, And you shall keep it until the fourteenth day of the same month; then all the families of Israel will kill him at nightfall. And they will take part of the blood and put it on the two posts and on the lintel (in the frame of the main door) of the houses where they eat it. And they shall eat the flesh that same night, roasted in the fire, and they shall eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. You shall not eat any of it raw or boiled in water, but all roasted in the fire, both its head and its legs and entrails. . And you will not leave anything of him for the morning, but what remains of him for the morning you will burn in the fire. And in this way you will eat it: dressed and sandals on your feet and the staff in your hand, you will eat it hastily. This will be the LORD’S Passover. " If you observe there were a series of necessary and precise indications to fulfill, in even several days to execute the command, and obtain salvation, so that when the avenging angel passed over each house and saw the lintel or frame with the blood signal of the lamb, then that house would be protected, but if the signal was not there, it would enter that house and the firstborn son would die that night. How difficult could these indications be to save the lives of their own children? Sadly there could have been many who have questioned the options to save themselves, reasoning but why does it have to be male the lamb and not a female? Because a dog is not better than a lamb, because it’s better not to paint the ceiling with the blood and not the frame? And why not eat the Easter outside the house in the light of the moon? For those who obeyed lived their children, but those who disobeyed or did it half-heartedly, or in their own way, heard the crying in that home at midnight. God has given us instructions also to receive salvation, and although the salvation of the human being depends on God and the sacrifice of the Lamb Jesus in our favor, to receive that salvation we must obey, and in fact the first order is to go to Jesus and accepting his salvation, accepting Jesus’ sacrifice in our lives also implies obeying his commandments. The humblest way to accept salvation is to obey God, without obedience there is no salvation, do you want to obtain salvation? Then come to Jesus and obey.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 23-Feb-2018