God always knows what to do and when.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Then the LORD said to Moses, Why do you cry to me? Tell the children of Israel to get going. Exodus 14:15

After four hundred years of slavery the people of Israel were finally able to leave Egypt thanks to the powerful hand of God and the signs that he made in Egypt against the oppressors of whom God recognized as his people, now they joyfully and joyfully walked together everything they had, their material possessions, their children, their spouses, their relatives and friends, felt that peace and anxiety at the same time something new and better for them, where they were going? To an unknown land but where, according to what it was like an earthly paradise, imagine after having been slaves for so long, now they would have the possibility of having their own houses, their own cattle and transportation, to be able to cultivate the land, to see their children develop , make the family grow and enjoy those wonderful blessings of God that had finally arrived. Meanwhile after having walked a lot, their leader Moses indicated the way forward and indicated where they could camp while he received more orders from God to go and in what way, while they waited there was joy in their hearts, the peaceful The red sea in front of them reflected the light of hope for a new dawn, but it was not long before they heard the hubbub and the desperate cries of fear from some of their traveling companions, and when they turned their gaze to the horizon they had left behind they saw something that completely paralyzed them, in the distance the shining armors of their enemies the Egyptians reflected the sunlight and they saw coming towards them the imminent death, what at one moment seemed like a perfect atmosphere had now become a crying, pain and collective terror. Everyone understood that their lives were about to be lost, Pharaoh and all his army came at a distance armed to the teeth and not with intentions to make them return nothing more, but what to do? where to flee? If at the front they now had the Red Sea and on the other side the Egyptians rode with all their might, ready to destroy them. It was at that moment that the agonies increased and everyone prepared to receive the final punishment or death, some saw their leader Moses and they complained to him why he did them that great evil, force them to die and see their children die at the hands of His angry enemies would have preferred to be slaves forever than to suffer more now. But God had a plan, it was not a human plan, but an exceptional plan, none could imagine that God could open the Red Sea and make a crowd walk like a highway, however God’s plans are always wonderful even if they can hurt at the beginning and above all we can not understand them. We all know the story, but what I want to emphasize today is that God always knows what to do and when to do it, it is up to us to trust him and allow him to make his own way even in spite of us and our own doubts, but always in your own way, I do not know what stage of the Red Sea you are, how many years of slavery you have in sin, but you have always been part of God’s people and longs to save you, help you and make you feel safe in your arms, perhaps you have not seen anything yet, despite your cry and supplication you have not seen the power of God in your life, however remember that God knows when, he knows the whys and most of all he always has more than one So, your work today; it just consists of trusting and waiting on him and if you are very afraid, then hold on to him stronger and close your eyes, let him fight for you and defend you.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 26-Feb-2018