We always forget

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Cast all your anxiety on him, because he takes care of us. 1 Peter 5: 7

When the people of Israel were on their way from Egypt to the promised land through the desert, the Lord had promised to be their God, make them their people, and guide them to a great and good land; but they were always willing to faint before every obstacle they encountered in their march to that place. In a wonderful way he had freed them from their bondage to Egypt, to elevate and ennoble them, and make them an object of praise on earth. But it was necessary for them to face difficulties and to endure certain hardships and needs. How many things had God done for the people of Israel to show them their power? If in view of everything he had done for them, they would have had faith in him, they would have gladly endured the discomforts, privations and even the true sufferings; but they were not willing to trust in God beyond what they could witness in the continual evidence of his power. Apparently the Israelites when in difficulty always forgot; They forgot how their children were saved when the exterminating angel killed all the firstborn of Egypt. They forgot the great demonstration of divine power in the Red Sea. They forgot that while they had happily crossed the open path in the Red Sea especially for them, the enemy armies, when trying to pursue them, had sunk into the waters of the sea. They saw and felt only the discomforts and trials they were enduring, and instead of saying, "God has done great things with us, since having been slaves, He makes us a great nation," rather they spoke of the hardships of the way, and they wondered when their tedious pilgrimage would end. Apparently when we are in trials or difficulties we always forget who delivered us, who provided us, who was with us, and above all who is our God. E. G. W. (Patriarchs and Prophets p. 298.) We tend to be ungrateful day after day, we only worry about the future and we do not enjoy the present journey, much less want to see how we got here today, we look for ways to blame others for our misfortunes, the government, the crisis, the teacher of the school, the neighbor, even our own family, and we never see that the tests or needs God ALLOWS THEM IN OUR LIFE, SO THAT WE CAN TRUST IN IT, as well as learn EVERY DAY to DEPEND ON HIM. God allowed the tests to Israel with a purpose and allows them today with a purpose also, we can act like Israel; murmur, complain and feel bad or we can hold on to who is testing us and trust that; If God allowed us this situation, he will also take us out of this, if we choose to trust.

Author: Ellen G. White (Patriarcas y profetas Pág. 298)

Publication date: 02-Mar-2018