Do you need help urgently?

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Help comes from the Lord, the creator of heaven and earth. Psalm 124: 8

Have you felt that you need help today? Are you going through a difficult situation? Maybe in your home ?, Maybe at work, or in the economic part? Does not enough money for basic needs? You have not been able to sleep well because of any of these concerns? Have you seen how dark the future looks and how difficult the future is? It is an undeniable reality, we are all going through different situations at this time in one way or another, and you might think that IF THE GOVERNMENT CHANGED, we would be better and everything would be pink, but think about the world panorama, hunger in different countries, wars , terrorist attacks, natural disasters, extreme misery, lack of water, and many other things are happening at this moment in the world, each one has its own problems and struggles, although their needs are different from ours. Well Jesus said it; "In the world you will have affliction." And so it has been until today, we are in the midst of a war between good and evil, Satan with all his army of demons plus the number of human beings who work for him as allies of evil, that makes those who stand on God’s side look insignificant, yet the Lord is willing to show all his glory and power to defend and take care of us, but he needs only something from you; That you trust and believe that he can do it. Once in a battle the Israelite people were again in low spirits, disillusioned with God and walking in the desert, and their sorrows were left behind and at the end of the crowd, suddenly as if it were not enough, an army of very bad people; the Amalekites, they went out to meet the Israelites and attacked from the back, attacking the weakest who had been separated, tired and backward from the great multitude, Moses the leader quickly climbed a hill with two helpers to observe the panorama and I prepare a quick and improvised army to fight against these evil Amalekites, but the evil ones were skillful and expert in war while the Israelites were only recently freed slaves, they did not know what to do and they were losing. Moses raised his hands to heaven and begged God for help and help came, the Israelites began to win the battle, when Moses finished praying that under his hands the Israelite people began to lose the battle, so Moses noticed that while the hands were up in supplication to God, the battle was won but if he lowered his hands lost, so much so that his companions had the idea of ​​holding the exhausted arms of Moses up and that was how they won that battle. The teaching here was that success comes only from God, if we cry out to him, he can and is willing to help us win, as long as we understand that victory, care and help come from God, not from images, plaster statues, virgins, saints, politicians, foreign military, more money, oil or armed groups. Help for human beings has been provided by God since before and remains so, we should only ask for it with a sincere heart and willing to obey. "These things I have spoken to you so that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have affliction; but trust, I have overcome the world "(John 16:33)

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 02-Mar-2018