Where will our help come from?

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Therefore, having a great high priest who pierced the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold our profession. Because we do not have a high priest who can not sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who was tempted in everything according to our likeness, but without sin. Hebrews 4: 14,15

David, the psalmist and prophet of God in his greatest moment of anguish exclaimed; Where does my help come from? While he fled from death because of his father-in-law, a proud king, and because of that persecution the agony of loneliness and worry overwhelmed him greatly, however in his moment he looked up and observed the great mountains, splendid and wonderful, the majesty of the sky on the horizon, and recognized and answered his own question; "My help comes from Jehovah, who made heaven and earth" when declaring such affirmation his life in an instant was filled with joy and joy, and ended the joyful psalm for the protection of God towards him. So he goes on to say, "You will not give your foot to the slip, Nor will the one who keeps you fall asleep. Behold, He who guards Israel will not slumber nor sleep. (Psalm 121: 2), Dear reader, where does your help come from? About your profession? From your bank account? About your retirement and retirement plans? Of the company you are directing, of the astuteness for business? Of the firearm that you keep in the waist? Of the dollars saved under the mattress? From the pantry that is full of food? It is not the abilities and gifts that we possess that will give us the success or the appropriate help in crises, flatly no. It is what the Lord can do for us. We need to have a much lower trust in men and everything on earth and a much greater trust in what God can do for us. He wants you to be able to hold on to the Lord with the hand of faith and longs for us to hold on to Him with closed eyes, with our fears and doubts, with our despair, but in such a way that despite the roar of the trials and adverse situations , we can wait and trust who has the power to help us, the same one who made you, has supported you until today and will do so until the end, hold on and take hold of God, even though you do not feel anything, our feelings deceive us, hold on to God just trusting in a writing is (as his word affirms). If he said it, it’s true whether we believe it or not. So, if today we feel like David, we can also do, like David, recognize that my help comes from that wonderful God who made heaven and earth and sustains it.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 05-Mar-2018