What does God want from you?

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For thus saith the LORD of hosts: After the glory hath he sent me to the nations that spoiled you; because the one who touches you, touches the girl in his eye. Zechariah 2: 8

Have you ever wondered what God wants from you? Well I have asked myself, and I have come to the conclusion that God wants my everything. He gave his life for me, before he even existed, he thought of me, he designed me with his love, I formed myself in my mother’s womb and he gave me the look and form that I have today, although looking at myself in the mirror I see myself as others, or the profile that the world calls beautiful, but that is even better because I am for God unique in the universe, and I do not look like anyone because God did it to me. This means that we are not a mistake, as some think, that we are unwanted children, that nobody loves us or values ​​us, because whoever made us knows how much we are worth and how important we are to him, to the point of sending us to rescue and have his angels ready to help us if we only ask for help, and that is why he insists and persists with us, he searches us up and down, he calls us, he persecutes us, so that we understand where we are and what his plans are for us. But many of us continue to flee, we remain hidden from God, and we fear him because we believe that going to the Lord is a great responsibility, that it is slavery, that we will not be happy, but, fleeing from God, we always fall into the clutches of the enemy who shows us a reality. distorted of what is good, what is right and how much we are worth to God, our enemy puts us in difficulties and presses us to fall and then accuse us before God and request our soul for sinners. Until when will we let the enemy mock our faces? God did not create us to be slaves to vices (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.) neither to be used as objects of sexual pleasure for someone or many, nor to be mistreated or humiliated by another human being, much less to live desperate in a world that does not fulfill what it offers, God created us out of love and to live with him forever, but he wants the most for us, however it depends on us if we get up and go to him, if we seek with all our heart what we will find and then he will do with us his plans, which are always better and more splendid than ours, ask God today, what do you want to do with me, sir? But let him do his will in your life and show your own value.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 07-Mar-2018