Valid reasons for marriage (personal fulfillment)

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Love … is not rude, it seeks its own, it is not irritated, it does not hold a grudge. 1 Corinthians 13: 5

Marriage has the ability to foster a perfect environment where the couple performs mutually and individually and grows. In the home, an adequate self-esteem, correct habits and psychological well-being are maintained for the development of the spouses and later of the children. Observing it from this point of view, marriage is the best place to achieve our dreams, and make them a reality. But if all this is so because the opposite happens? For undoubtedly selfishness has taken over the homes, has taken over the members of the family and instead of encouraging each other to emerge, the members sometimes rather wish to annihilate the possibility of success of the other. Listening to some men talking a while ago I was impressed by the situation; one of them told his companions that his wife had given him to study now, that the children were bigger and that he was greatly bothered; I do not study and I’m still alive, he declared, and also her job is to attend to us, not to think about studying, for sure after rubbing it in my face. Another of his companions and improvised advisors declared him; embarrass her to get rid of those crazy ideas, so she can stay at home there and give up her ideas. It is such a miserable and selfish attitude, to prevent your spouse from growing and developing, when precisely marriage provides exactly those possibilities, grow and develop together. Marriage or home in itself, is the best place to grow, succeed and achieve success, both for spouses and children, the home is the safeguard of the family, the place where God lives and where he works, because in the home you have the most important thing; A lot of help from those who love you, is your home the place where your children, and spouses develop more every day? Or is it the place where they are all enslaved under the command or regime of a selfish tyrant?

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 21-Mar-2018