Valid reasons for marriage (Sexuality)

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Like a beloved deer and a graceful gazelle, your breasts satisfy you at all times, and in your love, always rejoice. Proverbs 5:19

The sexual needs of men and women are carried out to greater satisfaction within the home, where there is no shame, no physical abuse, no humiliation, but even in intimacy there is respect, there is joy, joy and pleasure, that Beautiful gift God gave to couples; sexual intimacy, although the world has distorted this gift and turned it into profane, offensive and dirty, the sexual act was and continues to be a beautiful link of marriages to increase their relationship of intimacy and keep the passion alive despite the time . For many people, talking about this topic makes them blush, but the inventor of intimacy was not trade as many claim, although commerce exploits sex profanely to take advantage of sensuality and market products, nor was it the original sin as others think, God in his infinite wisdom granted that gift to human beings as many other pleasures that he himself provided, God is wonderful and there is no doubt about that, the fact that he created the first man ; Adam with his own hands and did everything from head to toe, to his parts that now embarrass us or call us intimate, God made them with a special purpose, thousands of receptors and nervous sensors in the genitals reflects that the sexual act was not something that human beings discovered because of sin, but it was designed in a perfect and special way for us, as well as the woman, in a dockable and sexed way, then I declare that it would not be convenient for them to be separated or alone, the man and the woman the sexual act should not embarrass any person while practicing within the conditions granted by God; that it be clean and of mutual agreement, that once the moment of enjoyment is over there are no feelings of guilt, resentment, pain or sensation or filth, and if so, it would mean that the purpose that God gave him is not being fulfilled; pleasure, intimacy, respect and union. Although sex is not the most important thing in marriage, it occupies an important place within marriage and as the other factors that make up the marriage environment must be given a prominent place since its purpose is to maintain the unity and intimacy of the spouses. Distort sex or place it out of the correct plane (within marriage) brings unpleasant and harmful consequences, so adultery, betrayal and fornication distort and terribly harm people and homes, as well as sexual deviations of different kinds end up causing serious psychological burdens and even feelings of guilt that lead to suicide or destruction of the home environment, for this reason God calls you not to extol sex, but to dignify marriage also in the sexual act, as a pleasant element of unity and respect between the couple and as one of the wonderful blessings of God.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 22-Mar-2018