Valid reasons for marriage (Paternity)

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God’s gift is children, descendants are a reward. Psalm 127: 3

Although the presence of children leads to such responsibility, efforts, worries and frustrations, having children is one of the greatest privileges that a human being can have. Both men and women manifest a feeling of general satisfaction at being parents. When the family grows it provides emotional bonds and robustness to the relationship between parents and children, and all this translates into balance and proper mental health. Are children in marriage essential? Because children are a blessing for marriage and the fact of having someone to love, educate and bless makes the relationship have a higher purpose, although not wanting to have children in marriage can sometimes be because of selfishness, Because having children means giving and giving everything, from time, resources, efforts and even life if necessary, so those who are parents showed that they are not selfish, because to love their children you have to learn to give yourself completely . And once the children arrive, what happens with the marriage relationship? Well there are several stages of marriage that should be respected before deciding to have children, and it is the first moment of marital intimacy and we do not refer to the sexual act, but that marriage must before having children should be explored the time of enjoyment of your partner , this time is decided by the spouses, however in the experience of those who come together after becoming pregnant, the marriage is greatly complicated by the fact that there is no time for the spouse but the effort of both, practically everything they consume the children, from the first years until the school age, so that if the marriage is not aware of these stages, they may think that the relationship ended when the children arrived, and although this is not the case, it is necessary to be clear of that just the children arrive there will be very drastic changes that perhaps will not allow things to be as before, however and with the help of God could be much better, everything depends on the actit You must face paternity and involve both spouses with the children and between them as a couple. When we grow up in marriage with the children there is a greater blessing, since the children are a gift or a gift from God, it is up to us to make our home the place where I want to be or the place from which I want to flee, today recognizes how fortunate they are By having that family that God has given you, home is the place where God places his offices and from where they can leave unequaled blessings or terrible situations, everything depends on who manages your home, God and you or you without God.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 23-Mar-2018