Why did Christ rise?

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Jesus said: I am the Resurrection and the life, the one who believes in me, even though he is dead, he will live "John 11:25.

In this month of March again the world remembers the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ occurred in the year 31, where the beginning of the Christian era begins, if we make a retrospective to the past (reference to what Christ had to suffer with his death on the cross) approx. from 2018 years to the present day. The Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ have forever marked the human race. No one has had as much impact on our lives as the humble teacher of Nazareth. In fact, since two thousand ten and eight years ago and until today still remains the central figure of the earth. Neither the armies that have marched, nor the navies that have sailed, nor the political parliamentarians, nor the kings of this world, all together, have been able to change the life of man on this earth as much as this one, who lived a lonely life. If we move to the past for a moment we will remember that after his birth, some Prophets chosen by God had announced that the messiah would suffer, and even where he would be born and in what form and also that he would die and that he would be resurrected on the third day. These are some texts of the bible that I will quote; Among the prophets who announced all these events that would happen, among them is Isaiah 53: 1 to 12; Return of the Remnant Jeremiah 23: 1 to 9, the Seventy Weeks Daniel 9:20 to 27, He would be born in Bethlehem; Micah 5: 1 to 9; in the Gospels of Matthew tells the story of the Birth of Jesus in a manger chapter 1. Verses 18 to 25, likewise his crucifixion on Mount Calvary, chapter 28 of Matthew tells what happened at that time, and was also written by (Mark 16: 1 to 4, Luke 24: 1 to 12, John 20: 1 to 10). Resurrection means the restoration of life after death, together with the fullness of your being and your personality. Human beings are condemned to die; Because all sinned humanity is subject to death, and we do not have the opportunity but through the Holy Scriptures the messengers sent by God have expressed that there is a hope of a Resurrection for human beings as in the case of Jesus Christ, This has a great meaning or solid evidence, it encourages us to believe that we can or could enjoy beyond this current world where you and I are destined to die. And that or how to get that guarantee, because the death and resurrection of Jesus is the unmistakable guarantee of this reality and is available only while my life may be subject to who died in my place so that today I may have an opportunity for salvation.

Author: Carlos Ramirez

Publication date: 27-Mar-2018