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Reflexion (Paz Total)

For all flesh is like grass, all the glory of man like the flower of grass. The grass withers and the flower falls, but the word of God remains forever, this is the word that has been announced to you through the gospel. 1 Peter 1: 24,25

How necessary is it to eat daily and several times a day? As it is very necessary to consume the daily food, failure to do so will result in terrible damage to health, as well as the quality of life and as a result death. We all strive to work and be able to buy food, parents strive so that both their children and they have daily food, and are able to do the impossible so that food never fails. But why do not they dedicate themselves to something else and forget about food? Imagine what things you could have if you stop buying food? With the same thing you spend on food a year, you could have great material things, travel and enjoy life, but at the cost of health, of course. This means that food is essential; that is, it can not be left aside. But what about the spiritual food that is part of our human nature? Since just as the stomach tells you that there is hunger, we must also supply the spiritual nourishment we need daily, and very often daily. The spiritual life is highly necessary and it is that which will define our character, our responses to the crises and situations that arise daily, it is necessary to feed ourselves daily with the word of God and to seek Him in prayer, in order to know what the will is. to us, and to have what is more necessary than physical food; peace of mind, the company of God and salvation. The enemy of God invests time every day in separating us from God, in making physical needs more important than spiritual ones, "and will try to induce human beings to neglect prayer, and discourage them to study the scriptures and cast an odious shadow through his path to hide from the view of Christ and the heavenly attractions "IT Pag, 544. Do not let the eagerness of the day take the time to dedicate it to God, put it today in the first place, like in the afternoon, in the night and let him do for you what you can not do, feed yourself with the best and more complete food; the word of God And as you spend time getting resources for your family, spend more time giving your family the love of God.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 02-Apr-2018