The friend forgives the offenses.

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Whoever overlooks the offense, creates bonds of love; who insists on it, moves the friend away. Proverbs 17: 9

We are offended at times on a daily basis, and many great friendships are lost for a moment of anger, of impulsive speaking or of a simple annoyance or a bad treatment at a certain moment. For God friendship is valuable and he created us as social beings, with a necessary environment of friendship. For what relate, talk and have a friendship are basic needs of the human being, although some prefer solitude, friends says the Bible are sometimes more valuable than a brother. The greater the intimacy, the greater the risk of having conflicts, since the friendly relationship goes on a more intimate or close level, and as we get to know our friends more, sometimes we run the risk of being disappointed or offended, however the advice of the wise Solomon is that if our friend offended us in some way, forgiving the fault restores the friendly relationship and creates stronger bonds with friends; ties of love says the wise, that is, to forgive the offense is a sign of love for our friend. The word of God says that God so loved the world that he gave his only son; Jesus, so that everyone who believes in him does not get lost but has eternal life. God’s love for us is so great that even before we asked for forgiveness he had already forgiven us. How many times do we fall and fail before God? I lost the account, however God has forgiven us again and again, because he loves us, but we sometimes forget that the best friend we have is God, and we end up ignoring him every day, and we are breaking that friendship that he wants to have with us. God wants to be our friend, our savior, our God. If today you are angry with your friend, it is time to forgive and love that friend who could have failed, understanding that you too could fail in the future and that he will also be able to forgive you and have a special help called friendship. Be your friend, and a good friend as God longs to be for you; your best and most faithful friend, and above all you; forgive the offenses of your friend.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 03-Apr-2018