God is waiting for you, or be afraid!

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Patiently I waited for the Lord, bowed to me, and heard my cry, took me out of the mortal pit, from the muddy mud, settled my feet on the rock and affirmed my steps. Psalm 40: 1,2

If we had to start over, but with the Lord there would be nothing to fear, because God is powerful, great, and merciful. Many of us have suffered and others are suffering situations in this very difficult life, making a list of them is over, since we know what our daily struggle is, and the enemy every day complicates things more, sometimes we have very good days, but then we have other bad ones and sadly it seems that the bad ones are more than the good ones, nevertheless our God is and will remain real. God will continue to be kind and merciful, and in his time when we have passed the test he will affirm our steps on the firm rock. Do not give up today, when we are closer to the goal, keep fighting, keep trusting, continue to depend and wait for those who can and want to save us, however it is not when I want it but when according to their wisdom we need it the most. God’s time is perfect and in time he will do what he has to do for us. Our responsibility is just to wait on him and let him raise the flag in our battles. ¬†Although it seems impossible today, trust in God, because he is still God and is in control of what we can not.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 05-Apr-2018