The Power The Words?

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For this, my beloved brothers, every man be ready to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger. James 1:19.

There is a children’s story written by Pedro Pablo Sacristan, it tells the story of a pencil and the words that did not know how to travel, the poor one lived alone, enclosed in a small head, More words appeared, and they did not know how to travel until they knew a mouth and asked help, the mouth to one chose, and I blow with great force; That was the first trip of a word, and the chosen one was; "mom". Many words began to travel like this, then they realized that they could not travel and did not get very far, then 27 friends called letters were formed, as they met Mr. "pencil", so was the pencil, along with the paper they formed the words. Words have a great power so strong that they influence our lives, when we address other people with our words, they can be for life or death, according to our mood the words can give life or can kill, at that precise moment when we engage in a conversation at a given moment, and depending on the topic to be discussed, the tone of our voice also influences, this could be an idea, a criticism, a claim, or a suggestion, which may or may not be accepted by our interlocutor if you agree with it. Most of us as human beings are social, we maintain contacts with different types of people throughout the day, be it with our family group, in the office, in meetings, in our environment within society. When we speak or write, or make use of different words to communicate, these words can influence the other person in a positive or negative way, such as encouraging, helping, teaching, and raising the spirit of another person, and we can also use this expression with the intention to harm, harm, demotivate, dissuade and destroy others. Today’s question is: how are you using your words ?, to bless or to curse? The point is that we will give account to God for every idle or malicious word that comes out of our mouth, so we will also get rewards for each word for the blessing of another human being. God does not help today that our words are for life, to motivate and save our neighbor.

Author: Carlos Ramírez

Publication date: 11-Apr-2018