Distressed you perhaps, but God never!

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Though afflicted by me and needy, Jehovah will think of me. My help and my liberator are you; My God, do not delay. Psalm 40:17

It was late at night when the fishermen saw a silhouette in the sea, the panic took hold of them seemed a human form as if walking by the sea, with terror they exclaimed prey of fear, however upon seeing it again they realized that no He was a ghost, it was Jesus who miraculously came walking on the sea, when he saw him Peter asked him to let him walk on the sea as Jesus did, Jesus told him; come, so Pedro got up confidently and walked towards Jesus, but on the way he thought and thought; One moment, you can not walk on the water !, it was at that moment that it sank. Dear friend, I want to tell you that your struggle today is a rational struggle, you know well that God said he would take care of us but when we see where we are and where we are going we sink, with Jesus illogical things happen, think and you will realize that this week is God who has taken care of you, no matter what accounts you see that you do not match, many blessings that were not on your list, care you did not think and received, thousands of unplanned blessings that came these days to you and have not been on your part but part of God. With God there is no logic, because he is God, he can create his own rules, however we sometimes tell us to understand our situation, we are alone and if we see our condition, it is realistic; we are drowning, we can not survive, but nevertheless when we see the God of the irrational and we go to him, he resolves, do not look for a logical or less rational explanation, because you will end up sunk, just trust and do not take your eyes off Jesus. When Pedro realized that it was illogical what was happening with him, immediately at that moment he began to sink, but while he had his trust in God, not in the water or in the boat, nor in logic, only when he saw Jesus was able to walk on the sea. Today do not see your water, do not see your situation, do not see what you lack, do not see that you do not have, do not even think where you will be tomorrow, go today to the only one who can help you without a logical explanation, but thanks to the element that makes God works more for us; Faith. Trust in God today, with all your heart and with all your strength, do not trust your plans and less your own abilities, if you have to walk in the water of Venezuela, do not look down or think about what is happening, just fix your eyes on God trust him, advance by faith and do not turn to any side.

Author: Evelyn Vanegas

Publication date: 27-Apr-2018