Will God realize that I am suffering and needy?

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My God will supply all our sins according to his glorious wealth in Christ Jesus our Lord. Philippians 4:19

A mother of five children, she was desperate because of the economic situation she was suffering, her husband was serving in the army far from home, and he had not visited them for a long time, the only household support was fighting more than two thousand kilometers from home. home, this woman has to fight alone for her children, and sadly there are many characters who take advantage of women alone, perhaps offering help that will be more expensive or humiliating them with indecent requests in exchange for satisfying the needs of their children, and Although this mother was willing to do everything for her children, she did not intend to disobey God, or betray her husband, much less see her children suffer more, there is nothing more difficult for a father or mother than his son ask for food and have nothing to give, impotence reaches our hearts and we hit the pain in a horrible way, such was the case of this mother who felt that she could not anymore. In her desperation she cried out to God with faith, with pain and also with agony of her soul and sat all the children at the table, the children were happy to know that they were going to eat, however the mother did not even dare to see her children. faces, because he had nothing to offer them, he carefully placed each child in his place and placed a beautiful luxury dish, ordered the place setting next to the plate and the children were excited, after everyone was seated she indicated to His children who closed their eyes to have the prayer of blessing for food, the eldest son opened his eyes in astonishment and saw the mother straight to her face knowing that there was nothing on the table, not in the pantry, had to thank at the table, however he said nothing just fixed his eyes on his mother to which she also looked at him and could not hold his gaze on his son, one of the younger children asked his mother where the food was for those who would give thanks, since in Only empty plates and cutlery lay on the table. The mother with love in her face and heartbroken, told her young son as she leaned over him and touched his head; God will send them to us, quiet. So trusting his mother closed his eyes and together they praised God for the food that was not on the table yet. It is difficult to see God when we are suffering, it is difficult to believe when all our senses betray us, it is painful to know that we are the providers, and we do not have where to provide. However there is a God in the heavens and he will never leave his children alone, let alone helpless. Our God will always supply, in his moment he will do it, maybe a little later in some cases and in others he will do it faster but he will always supply, we just have to cry out as in the prayer of our father; Give us today our daily bread. God is good and his love for us is forever, and never leave helpless to anyone who needs your help, that certain moments have been on the edge, as in the case of the mother with her children, but if you remember a little the past in your life, God has always supplied our needs even if they do not seem to come from his hand. Do not fear today that you will eat or drink, our God will supply according to his riches and will show us that he is still our supporter, that he is still powerful God. If today you are already on the verge of despair, do not lose heart, get on your knees; pour yourself before the Lord and let him do in you what he wants to do, place more faith in you.

Author: David Cedeño

Publication date: 30-Apr-2018