Do not follow that path where you are going!

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Will a mother forget her chest child? Even if she forgot, I will not forget you. Isaiah 49:15

God squeezes but does not hang, it is the most popular saying heard, but is God really squeezing? The Bible teaches us that God’s love is so great that it has given us the privilege of deciding for ourselves what we want to do. that even we as parents do not allow our children, I do not know if you remember your parents or yourself repeating the following sentence: "While you are in my house you will do what I say and if you do not like it there is the door" . What options does that statement give? Well, it just leaves you obeyed, period. However, the love of God is so great and so special that he wants each human being to obey him out of love and by his own decision, not by imposition like the case of us as parents, for this reason he has given the opportunity to each person human to serve him out of love or to reject him, but to reject him would mean that he would let the consequences of the path we choose touch us, that is, the Lord puts before us the two doors or the two paths, the path to good and the of evil and recommends us with love that we enter through the door of good, so that he can direct us to take us safely, but there is also the door to evil where we enter, we will do it at our own risk, the good thing is that although you have entered through the door of perdition and even fences well in advance, you can return and enter even through the door to the right path, but in both decisions the key to the doors are in our hands. When we choose the path of good, we give God the possibility to direct our life and lead us in the best decision-making, otherwise we tell God; I will do what I want, I am great, I make my own decisions, I do not need you in my life. God accepts our decision and from there we are by ourselves, to our account, it is not God who is going to punish us for having decided to enter that path, but that path brings its own consequences and curses, and God just waits with anxiety that you return, that you return and go through the door to the path he wants for you. In the end the decision is just yours, he loves us with a love out of this world, a love that has no comparison and based on that great love tells you not like you and I would say to our children, but begs us ; "My son, do not go down that road, that path takes you to pain, to suffering and perhaps to death, if you decide to enter there I can not help you, because when you enter it you are rejecting my care, but if you are still that way you cry to me I will answer you, I will enter the road where you are and I will bring you back to the road where I can take care of you, I love you as a mother loves her children, and even more, I beg you not to separate from me. " Which way or which door will we take today?

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 02-May-2018