Do a lot with very little.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

To the one who is powerful to do infinitely more than everything we ask or understand, by the power that operates in us. Ephesians 3:20

Submitted long ago by an innumerable army, the chosen people of God lived in secret, without food, without resources with great needs, and not because God had punished them but exactly the opposite they abandoned God and God abandoned them to them. according to their own decisions. Misfortune followed them day after day and in spite of their pain and suffering none dared to cry out to the true God, but they continued to supplicate and adore their false gods for an improvement for their country and their lives (perhaps like us today). But the help came from God, although they did not ask for it he did not want to see them suffer more so God again takes the initiative, and raised a man as a great warrior and military leader, although he was only the youngest of his brothers and ex officio; Farmer, God chose him as the leader of a reform for the people and to defend the people of God from the invaders, but before the call to the people to join him, more than twenty-two thousand men joined, this shows how tired they were of suffering and they longed to be free from subjection, but in the end by means of a meticulous selection there were only three hundred men selected for battle, but who are three hundred against one hundred and twenty thousand powerful enemies? They are nothing, but in the hands of God they are too many. God gave them a war strategy, so the obedient leader chosen by God called Gideon; he just obeyed, gathered his three hundred men and each gave them a pitcher or earthen vessel and a trumpet, divided them into three squadrons and placed them in different areas of the enemy camp and at midnight each soldier played the trumpet, then broke the pitcher where they had a lit torch, all this they did simultaneously with a loud voice, as God had commanded, perhaps the order of God seemed ridiculous, but the results were amazing; the enemy army woke up dismayed by the noise, the fire and the trumpets, so they started their flight frightened by the confusion and in the middle of it they killed each other thinking that their companion was the enemy. The simple act of playing the trumpet on the part of Gideon’s minimum army achieved much more against the enemy army and this not by the sound of a simple trumpet, but by the power of God who directed the battle, and it was God himself who decided that only a small group of men should be chosen so that when they obtained the victory they could recognize that the victory did not come from themselves, from their cunning or warlike capabilities, but they came from the power and strength of a superior being, from the only true God. The most perfect, complete and effective system that man can have to achieve success is nothing if God is not on his side, while having even nothing in the hands of God is too much to achieve great things. Trust in God and obedience to his will are as essential to the Christian in his spiritual warfare today as they were to Gideon and Joshua in their past battles. Through the repeated manifestations of God’s power, the Lord wanted to show his people that his success, his victories, and his future depended only on God himself and not on his own strength. Just as in the past that same God was willing to accomplish great things through weak and insignificant instruments, so all heaven expects us to ask for wisdom and strength to accomplish great things in the name of God; "He is powerful to do infinitely more than everything we ask or understand"

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 04-May-2018