Do not cross the line.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

To heaven and earth today I place as witnesses against you that I have put before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose, then, life so that you live, you and your offspring. Deuteronomy 13:19

According to history in times not long past the most powerful countries in the world, they found themselves face to face on a small island of the ocean, both armies were armed with their big ships and with their finger on the trigger, prepared to attack, they just waited that some of them crossed the dividing line that would mean the beginning of the war, nevertheless and thanks to God, the ships stopped in the dividing line and none crossed the line that would mean the declaration of war. Fortunately, it was only the most tense moment in the past history. But many of us have not run with the same fate, many of us have crossed the line that distances us from God and places us in an enemy territory far from God and where it has already been very difficult for many of us to return. The Bible tells us the amazing story of the strongest man in the world, his name; Samson, his birth was a miraculous event, a sterile woman received the promise of a baby and also the indications of how to take care of him, among them were that he was going to be a man set apart for God, or as he is better known; Nazarite The food should be different, your hair should never be cut, you should never enter liquor, wine or cider in your body, much less ally with the enemies of God. In exchange for his fidelity God was going to use him as a judge at the time, however when he was an adult he began to compromise or cross the dividing line of moments, every day he crossed a little more, first he began to ally with the enemies, then He began to taste the prohibited foods and drinks, then to go out with women from the enemy town and every time he went deeper and deeper into rejection of God’s ordinances for his life. And crossed the line, in fact several times but then came back behind her as if nothing had happened, but with God never play, much less the one who messes with sin openly can leave unharmed, at the time of both crossing from one place to another ended up being definitely on the other side and that’s how he ended up being captured, tortured and locked in a dungeon, and who at the time had been the caudillo of God, the most illustrious of his land, the great and powerful Sanson ended up being just a human wreck. I do not know how many times you may have crossed the line of disobedience, but there comes a time when we are so disoriented that we do not know which side of the line we are and when we open our eyes we realize that we are totally on the other side of it , and we are at a point where we can not go back. Do not cross the line ever that leads you to disobey God, it is preferable to die of hunger or need of the side of God to live in abundance without him. Never allow your life to end like Samson’s, blind, humiliated and closed, but stay on God’s side even if the heavens are falling apart and everything is against you. Do not cross the line ever.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 07-May-2018