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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; that make light darkness, and light darkness; They put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

Sometimes we have defrauded the people we have very close and although at the time we do not take it into account, we can see the pain it causes in the other person, the missing person we love, the pain maybe not so much is for the action or act committed but for the fact that it has been wrong to the person we value so much. And how many times do we disappoint God? Sometimes how many in the day? At every moment we make decisions that are not in accordance with the will of God, we leave the Lord, we look for his enemies and we allied with them, and in spite of everything God is there waiting, the day, the supply, the blessing, the prosperity , but we take advantage of situations for our interest but we can barely, then show our own will and sadly we do not have God present in what we decide, and again we disappoint him, day after day we continue in the same, we trample his laws, separating us from their doctrines and we even reach the bottom, but we still call ourselves their children or believers, when our heart is very far from our loving God, who looks at us with sadness, perhaps with tears of love in his eyes for the treachery that we commit on purpose and so daily, and even worse, we consider it without fault. Until when you will hesitate between two opinions, the great prophet Elijah said to the people of Israel that in spite of the immense blessings received from God; of food, harvest, water and thousands of blessings, went out to the field to thank a pagan god with holocausts and offerings instead of thanking the one true God, how many times we do not thank politicians, or we give honor to a dead family, or a popular saint, even a demonic spirit. Even we thank those for the blessings that come only from God, when it is God himself who gives, who attends us, but it is easier to prostitute himself behind other false gods than to recognize that everything good, everything that happens in our lives it comes only from God, it does not matter because it sends blessings. God is merciful and patient, however his love and mercy has a limit and the Lord will not contend forever with the human being, if today we listen to his voice and come to him and obey him, then we will reach mercy and forgiveness, but if we continue the path we take is likely that our loving God withdraws from us and leaves us under the consequences of our own decisions and who can free us from the guilt of our sin and its consequences then? Let us not disappoint God, it is better to defraud our friends, our children, our boss, even the leaders of the country, but never disappoint God, since it is he who we depend on and from whom everything comes. good and wonderful that we can enjoy today.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 08-May-2018