Fidelity in everyday life prepares us for the greatest.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

He who is faithful in the little in the most is also faithful and whoever is unfaithful in the little will be more unfaithful in much. Luke 16:10

We long for many to hold positions of authority and power, responsibilities superior to our level or greater, yet how can we be prepared for big things in the future? The best way to prepare for big things is to do small things today with great fidelity, determination and perfect execution, when the requirements are small we do not want to apply much responsibility and application, however we think that the greatest thing if we can do better and show off with that, but the truth is that if small, everyday things are not executed in the best way, and so we can never play a superior work with greater fidelity. The key is; that who is faithful in what little is most faithful, therefore if you lie today in such simple and simple things and even without much sense it is totally certain that on a larger scale it will be worse, if you are not faithful in small things you will never be in the big. Sometimes as children we complain about the chores of the home that we are assigned daily and we do them reluctantly, when we do them so that they do not send us more, and that way we get used to them and then in the future already in our place of work and even in possible homes, we do exactly the same, all reluctantly and badly done, leaving as a result a life of mediocrity and foolishness. God gave us all the abilities to do all things in the highest level of perfection, however we have been getting used to doing everything from time to time, without effort, or doing things understanding that we should not try very hard since It is not for me, but today we can make a difference in doing things well done not as for men but even better; as made for the Lord, so that if you speak, walk, work, paint, wash, scrub, write, compose, design, clean, etc., do everything that comes to your hands with the seal of being made by a child faithful of God. If you are faithful today, in what little you will be faithful, you will have the reward of God first. This applies to everything earthly and also in the spiritual realm, begins to make your life today an improvement workshop and that each day your life can be better and better, and that your path is forward and upward, you have all the help from God you only need to start today to do everything that comes to your hand to do, to do it perfectly.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 10-May-2018