Negligent parents.

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He who avoids the rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him diligently. Proverbs 13:24

The boss dismissed the employee as negligent and a thief, so that the employment contract ended abruptly because of the employee’s infidelity. The next day, the employee’s mother, who knew the boss very well, calls him and demands that he dismiss his son. Does the employer ask the mother if she knows why she fired her son? she replies that she knows perfectly well and is very angry about having treated her son in this way, that according to her she did not deserve this treatment, the employer asks her again; But do you know everything your son did? and she replies clearly that I know, but I have to defend him because he is my son. A serious mistake that parents make is to put ourselves on the side of our children even if they are wrong, just because they are our children, this is a very serious error and is in fact what encourages the creation of great criminals; children supported by their parents even if they are wrong. This is a bad concept of loving children. While loving is caring, giving, protecting and supplying, loving does not mean supporting the wrong, covering the bad, and defending the indefensible just because it is family. The love of father or mother sometimes we confuse with hugs, kisses and things to give, we consider a bad father who does not give everything for his children, but what we really should give our children? In ancient times a priest of God named Eli avoided at all costs correct their children, letting them do what they wanted and subjecting him as a father to the designs and desires of their children, that from childhood to adulthood had an undesirable behavior and terrible, and large no way no way to correct, his father shunned or avoided reclaim and punish his terrible behavior, and all that he claimed to him regarding the behavior of their children, became his enemy, even God had to send a prophet to call this priest to refrain, punish and counteract the behavior of their children, however the love for their children was greater than the love for God, creating children who were the shame and his own misfortune, just to avoid educating them correctly. "If those who profess a religion, instead of making fervent, conscientious and persistent efforts to raise a well-ordered family as a testimony that reports the benefits of faith in God, they are lax in the governance of their home and tolerate bad desires. of their children, they act like the priest Eli and bring dishonor to the cause of Christ, and future ruin for themselves and their families. But however great the evils due to parental infidelity in any circumstance, they are ten times greater when they exist in the families of those who were appointed masters of the people. When they do not govern their own homes, they deviate by their bad example many from the good way "PP, p., 626. In prison visits I found so remarkable that so many adult women who visit prisons men were Christian professed, I assumed the first few times they were doing God’s work in prisons, but unfortunately they were visiting to his own children, this dishonors God, although we can not decide the behavior of adult man, but we can influence the education of our young children and prevent this situation in adulthood from happening, only with education, principles, example, values ​​and firmness of character when educating. Loving is not satisfying all the wishes of our children with the pathetic excuse that I never had this or that thing, love is correct, educate for the future, and if you have to remove, punish, scold your children today do it without hurt , it is for your own good, that you do not shake your hand when doing the right thing when educating, it is better that they cry today and not that you cry your tomorrow. Educate your children to serve and honor God and not as if they were gods.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 11-May-2018