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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Jehovah spoke to Moses face to face, as his companion speaks and he returned to the camp; but young Joshua son of Nun, his servant, never left the middle of the Tabernacle. Exodus 33: 11

The Loyal Word is defined in the Dictionary as a quality of feeling of respect and fidelity to moral principles, to established commitments or to someone, also known to the character of a person, organizations, moral principles, among others. Loyalty is a principle as value is a virtue, not to be confused with patriotism since all people are not patriotic, as this refers to the love of our country, as it is a feeling that many countries must awaken their citizens . This term of loyalty is also used in our jobs, in our public relations with other people, in love relationships, friendship etc. The Holy Scriptures define this word loyalty as a virtue that develops in our conscience and that involves fulfilling commitment even in the face of adverse or changing circumstances. It is an obligation that has one to our next, the opposite is the disloyalty or betrayal that involves the violation of a commitment, for example when we betray our spouse with whom we established a sentimental bond, it could also be when we forget our God, and we change it for another that takes its place. The point is that God as creator is always loyal to us, but if we decide to leave him, be disloyal to him then he also gives us the same thing that we gave him, leaving us alone to our luck. The people of Israel were repeatedly captive, subjected, humiliated and mistreated because they abandoned God and that is why God also left them and suffered the consequences of their decisions, and is not a threat, it is something of respect and logic, if a wife or husband decide to be unfaithful to their partner and leave behind another or another, who waits as time passes? That when returning, the genuine couple still waiting there? and that everything remains the same? Well, it does not work that way, even if he is repentant or sorry for what he has done for disloyalty, now he must suffer the consequences of his decisions, God is loyal and as he is, he also expects you and I to be loyal to him and not prostitute ourselves behind false gods, plaster images, spirits, demons or human inventions, but only God is the only worthy of true loyalty, respect, praise and adoration.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 14-May-2018