How far will we go?

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in different places there will be hunger and earthquakes. Matthew 24: 7

We do not have food, we lack health, money does not reach, hospitals do not work, there is no water, there is no telephone, there are no medicines, everything goes up every day, until where we are going to arrive, when all this is going to stop, We cry out to God, to the virgin, to the saints, to the spirits and there seems to be no answer. This was the statement of a man totally worried and desperate about what is happening today, but what does God say about all this? What does his word about these times we are living? The bible declares that we are in the final times of human history and also shows us through the biblical prophecies; which things have been fulfilled and which are yet to happen, and tell us that very soon the event that we so long for will end, the end of all pain, sadness, suffering and death, everything will come to an end, and this is where it is worth investigate, how will this happen? What does the Bible affirm? Where we are going to arrive, all these answers have been answered for more than two thousand years in the word of God, and it is the most necessary book at this moment, because it shows us the way, the beginning and the end, it gives us peace, it gives us light and gives us hope. But a hope where? In who? In a new government? In a new military civic strategy? Well no, hope is only in Jesus, he is our hope and it was he who predicted all that is happening today, many believe that Jesus is pure story and that everything ended when he died on the cross, however the He himself said textually and explicitly everything that was going to happen for this time, all these things that are happening today. So do not despair, see the source; go to the word of God and let through it you can know what is the next step, the next event and learn how to go one step ahead, and thus avoid the hopelessness that gives us not knowing, only God has the answers to your questions, it’s time to go to him and get to know him.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 18-May-2018