Who is God?

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For us there is only one God, the father from whom all things come, and for whom we live, and a Lord Jesus Christ, through whom are all things, and through whom we live. 1 Corinthians 8: 6

God is real and the Bible without contradictions proves it, nature confirms it and our own body testifies that there is a superior, powerful and wonderful being on whom all things depend, but how is this God? Is it an essence? Is it a force or a positive energy? Or maybe it is the same God nature ?, or perhaps an ancestral invention to manipulate the minds? The Bible, the only book that has the origin and the end of our history, confirms that God is a living being, a unique and special being, that his physical nature or form is spirit, (Ephesians 4: 6) that comprises a balance between the father, the son, and the holy spirit, and manifested to humanity through these three people (2 Corinthians 3:13, Matthew 28:19), that it was he who created us and we are not products of a mistake cellular, or an explosion, but the same with his own hands made us similar to him and not only created us but everything that exists was created by him and still subsists for him. (Genesis 1: 1, Isaiah 45:18, Hebrews 1:10), this God despite being great and majestic shows us that his character is love and that his only wish is to grant us his salvation, care and blessings, and also restore us in spite of our errors and sins (1 John 4: 8) also among its characteristics it tells us that it is immortal, that it is spirit, that it is eternal, that it is love and also that it is jealous and does not accept the adoration of any other being or created object, neither in heaven nor on earth (1 Timothy 6:16, John 4:24, Isaiah 57:15, John 4: 8, Exodus 20; 4,5) and despite being all that, considers us we as his children, (1 John 3: 1,2) and as if it were not enough, he is aware of our needs and problems, and he is doing the impossible in your life so that you can recognize him and walk in his arms. God is real, and he loves you and longs for you to know him, that you realize that you do not need intermediaries to reach him (saints, virgins, amulets, spiritualistic practices, rituals, repetitions or mantras) he is willing for you and only you It invites you to go to him, to believe him, and let him show you his love and the plans he has for your life. God is real and his love for you is even more real, do not be deceived by the brightness of the world, love him with all your heart, look for him and obey him. This should be our best decision today.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 21-May-2018