Can you trust the bible?

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All writing is inspired by God and useful for teaching, rebuking, amending, correcting and instructing in justice. 2 Timothy 3:16.

The Bible; this wonderful set of books that according to some makes people crazy is the most wonderful book that exists on earth, written in two important volumes of many books, the first considered as the oldest testament with a proven date of more than 3500 years and the second testament after the life of Jesus with more than 2000 years of history until today, and which book may have as much antiquity and still be valid? As the Bible is, all of its teachings from both the new testament and the old, serve for today as if it were written yesterday, and every event mentioned in the bible has been widely refuted and denied by scientists and scholars of past ages, all the Christian religions use the written mimes without altering anything of the original (except for very few religious denominations that drew their own versions to be able to deny what they do not want to obey) but even in spite of that, the bible is still the most wonderful treasure of humanity since it represents; the word and will of God for human beings. As time goes by, archeology, history and scientific events have been certifying each word every day and with great detail, so we can say that the word of God is as valid today as it was 3,500 years ago. The books of the Bible were written by men who received the word directly from God, so they were inspired by God to write things that even they did not understand for the time, yet in obedience to God they wrote what was inspired. (Hebrews 1: 1, 2 Samuel 23: 2, 2 Peter 1: 19-21) The Bible is compared to a lamp, who studies the Bible will always walk in the light, his life will be different and will end up giving light to those who surround (Psalm 119: 105) the Bible is the source of truth, every word written there is true, fulfilled in the past or fulfilled as a future prophecy, every event certifies the reality of God for this world. The Bible contains remarkable scientific facts that many years ago were certified by science but at the time when they were written there for many it was a true madness (Job 26: 7, Job 28; 25, Jeremiah 33:22), in fact if Christopher colon would have read the bible would have avoided so many conflicts about the roundness of the earth, whoever reads that book ends up being transformed by the holy spirit and that is why people fear the bible, because they think it goes crazy, and it is not that it drives them crazy literally but when the reader encounters the truths of it, these truths lead him straight to God and his plans for humanity, to a hope of eternal life, and many changes begin to happen in his life, and this noticed by others It is a true madness, who stole and cheated and will no longer do so, who cursed now blesses, who harmed now restores. But the one who meets God is a magnificent news of salvation, but for those who are lost it is madness. The Bible grants salvation and hope for the reader, you have to read it, not just have it open at home as an amulet, its power thrives only when the reader enters its pages and lets God transform his life through reading. (Isaiah 28:13), This book will last forever, many have tried to destroy it and have not been able to, because she herself says to dry the grass, it will wither, the flower, the heavens and the earth will pass but the word of God will remain forever. (Isaiah 40: 8) Have you already enjoyed the wonderful benefit of reading this book? If not, are you waiting to know God’s plans for your life through it? Let God transform you and fill you with hope with your daily reading.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 22-May-2018