Only for the rich and those who have too much.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Give thanks to the Lord because it is good, because his mercy is eternal. Psalm 117: 1

Today I could eat a piece of bread and really feel the taste of it I thanked God for that humble and simple piece of bread, which tasty, without anything else was a good thing, I remembered how many times I have eaten better, more elaborate things and tasty, however today I had that piece of simple bread and I had to thank God because he had the mercy to give me today even if it was a piece of bread, for many it is too little for others to be grateful for little is worship to conformism, however the reality is that while someone has a piece of bread many have nothing to eat, while we only have the insipid water, many have days without even taking anything. If we take a time to remember, we can see that we have too much and we should be grateful to God because until today he has had mercy on us, and the good and better thing is that he will continue to have that love for us, while I share the little or how much I have, the Lord will continue to take care of me. Never complain about what you have today, if you have more than 100 things in your life you have more than you need, the invitation today is not to conformism, we must strive to get ahead, and fight for our goals and dreams, however each day takes time to thank God for what little we can have in the day, remember not having resources today does not mean being poor, there are many poor people with money, since poverty is a mental condition and sadly there are many of those in our world, acts, lives as a child of God, blessed by his mercy and rich for his great wealth although we do not have financial resources at the moment, but we can be rich without money, or poor with money, however it is better to be rich without resources and gratitude to our God, for family, health, work (we work not to get money, but because we must work, it is good for mental health), the possibility of seeing, breathing and laughing even with little bit. God bless you and remember that compared to others we have too much and happiness does not give you how much you have but how little you have you use it to give happiness to others and yourself. Do not forget to thank today for having too much.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 23-May-2018