God carries out his plans even if for us they are a mystery.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

As heaven is higher than the earth, so are my ways, higher than your ways, and my thoughts more than your thoughts. Isaiah: 55: 9

What I am going to do? It may be our question today, and perhaps for a few days, sometimes we feel lonely along the way, and we doubt this because of the existence of a God, like believing in a God that allows suffering, that allows pain, that allows death? That is why the studied ones have difficulty believing in a creator and thinking God, and prefer to accept the evolutionary theory as their creed and philosophy of life, we do not come from anywhere and we are not going anywhere, this shows only a meaningless life and without purpose. However, and for the benefit of those who still believe in God, the guarantee of the existence of God is one hundred percent real, nature and the vast universe proves and testifies of it, the wonderful structure of the human body confirms it, Archeology, history and the Bible, all lead us to understand that there is a real and genuine God, however there are many things that we do not understand. There is the other detail, as humans we see God as a man and we put him in our place, but God is not man, he is God, he is a spiritual and also real being, creator of the universe and everything that exists, and knowing everything what he knows, what explanation can the creature demand from its creator? Well, we can not understand their plans, much less their time, since it is not ours, just as vehicles do not know where or for what purpose their owners will take them, or young children can not understand where their vehicles are going. parents, only God knows what his plans are for us individually, although he has given a written guide to us so that we know him and follow the path that can lead us to understand, how valuable we are as creatures for the creator. God is real, and his guide the word is the bible, it is not expired as recently claimed popular religious leaders, but on the contrary today is more valid than since when it was written and all time prophecies that announced such events and places have been fulfilled perfectly, and those that have not been fulfilled are in process and we see their relationship so perfect with what is happening in the world that we have to say, God is real and his word is faithful. However, many on the other side of the scale do not want to know the final destination predicted in that special book and of which they are a negative part. Do not worry about the future today, worry about knowing God and trusting in him today, and he will take care of where he wants to go and show you the destiny he has for you. Try to know the prophecies of the time of the end, so you can have hope even in the midst of the current crisis and to come and understand then that there is a master plan designed by God and that is not limited to these four walls called the world, but even Beyond that, let him manifest his will and begin to follow and fulfill it, what can you lose by knowing God? You will understand then the why of the whys and you will have the privilege of verifying that your plans for humanity are good and much better than ours.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 04-Jun-2018