Invest time.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Sustain my steps in your ways, because my feet do not slip. Psalm 17: 5

Most of the time things are not done on the run, that is, quickly, many things take time, write a book, prepare a poetry, write an article in the newspaper, etc., although there are many who have the facility Do things quickly, others take time to do their job painstakingly and well done. It is said that Gioacchino Rossini was thirteen (13) years composing the Opera "El Barbero de Sevilla". Eduardo Gibbon took 26 years to write his masterpiece "History of the Decadence and Fall of the Roman Empire". As others have academic studies of 5 to 10 years and many others who study throughout their lives. There are things that take time and valuable time, however the question you should ask yourself today is: Am I spending time on what is right and proper? Or am I just wasting my time? Building things takes time and things done in a hurry, do not always go well, however we must devote the right time to everything in its place and at its right time, doing everything that comes handy to do it correctly and well done. I would also like to invite you to invest a time of your life to know God through his word, not through the dissertations of manipulated third parties, or through transcendental meditation, but through the only book that has the history of humanity and its final outcome as well as the creator God, all in one place; the Bible. And for your study it is recommended to invest a lot of time, requesting assistance from God in Prayer to obtain intelligence and wisdom through your words and to understand what God’s purpose is for your life. There are things that require a lot of time, but try not to waste yours on meaningless things, but on important and valuable things to spend time with God and with your family (if you have one), they are some of the best things to do. investing, maybe making a house can take time, but many times you do not have the time to enjoy it, however the time invested in God and in yours will never be lost.

Author: Carlos Ramírez

Publication date: 05-Jun-2018