Dark is the path of the one who chooses to do his own will.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

Because it is necessary to obey God rather than men. Acts 5:29.

The consequences of following our own paths are dire, human beings without divine direction are cruel, tyrants and ruthless, and it is the same Satan who directs their lives or helps them become more disoriented. All human beings are prone by our nature to always do evil, what springs from our pores is continually evil, for this reason we need the guidance of God, the light of God to give reason and meaning to our lives. When reading or listening to the news we see atrocious crimes, never committed and others already quite repeated, that simply show what the current human condition is, and that apart from God we are not good at all, although we could strive to have an integral moral behavior, it does not have It makes no sense to walk the path of good, when we have no respect for the source of all good, let alone know it. If you look closely, the prisons are full of men who decided to disobey God and do their own will, and perhaps the streets are even more full of people who continue doing what they want and reaping the consequences of their actions or not yet , but we are so equal to those who are in prisons. But the reality is that a life without God is a dark life, it is an empty life, without sense or reason of being, that is why the belief in the theory of evolution makes us only animals evolved without reason or meaning of life , but if we believe in a God who is creator, redeemer and responsible for its creation, we can understand our responsibility in the world, and the immediate and future responsibilities of our actions. Only God can give meaning to our lives, is he and only he who can illuminate our path and can give him that logic that we need so much, do you need that peace and direction? Look for God. But where can I find it? He is exactly at your side you just have to let him find you and let you lead him. Stop in your lonely career, stop running without it, cry to God today and say: "Sir, I’m here and although I’ve heard from you, I do not know who you are yet, I want to meet you, let me see your face, let me hear your voice and speak to my mind so clearly that I never stop recognizing your voice, tell me where to go, tell me what to do and when to do it, and let your peace, fill my life, let your hope flood my soul and let my being repose peacefully in your arms. love, show me the way wherever I go and only to you I give my soul. "

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 06-Jun-2018