Observe the panorama around discourages.

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

For seven times the righteous one falls and rises again, but the wicked plunge into their misfortune. Proverbs 24:16

No water, no electricity, no phone, no money, and nothing to buy if you had the money, without health, without strength, without encouragement, it would seem that a grotesque mockery is happening around us, wherever you turn you see unpleasant and horrible situations, it causes to leave running, but for where? Sadly what happens is worldwide, although in some countries the crisis is accentuated more than in others. However, despite everything the rain falls and the previously hot environment is fresh and humid, the sun rises early in the morning, radiant and beautiful with an impressive warmth and a gentle breeze caresses our face and when we breathe and fill our lungs , we can say thank you for a new day more of life sir. No matter what is happening in your life, or what you lack today, maybe you do not even have to eat what you like, but if you have even water alone, it is already a reason to thank God and know that although the day turn dark, God is there by your side pending of you and will not leave you, says the bible; They will fall by your side, one thousand and ten thousand at your right, but they will not reach you, he also says; "I was young and I have grown old and I have not seen the righteous homeless or their children beg for bread." God’s protection is with you, by your side and he will do everything possible to help you, restaurant and take you to safe harbor although everything around you Become hostile and do not understand that or because it is happening, just trust that God takes you by the hand and will not leave you. ┬áRaise your head today, do not let your mood get like the rainy day, get up and fight and that your spirit is the same spirit of God, overcome the problems and difficulties of the hand of God, it is never worth surrendering , get up and shine because God is with you and he does not know fear, nor knows defeat, so if you had the intention to surrender, take courage and keep fighting that the battle is not over yet. Afanzate of the hand of God and continues fighting. Only he who persevere to the end will be saved, persevere, fight and do not give up.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 07-Jun-2018