Good sense

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As I speak to you, judge what I say. 1 Corinthians 10:15

Good sense is the quality that people have that show good judgment, prudence, and maturity in their actions and decisions. She is moderate in her expenses and shows common sense and a practical judgment and also recognizes her desires that do not agree with her ability to do something. In this time it is necessary to be sensible, to walk with great prudence and to develop good judgment, wisdom is associated with sanity and understanding, the sensible person always seeks to behave in a logical and understandable way before the different situations of life. Good sense can also mean not always agreeing with the actions and decisions of others but still respect them. A person must sensibly have ethics, be open in their actions and think, cordial, reliable, and firm in their purposes, these are some qualities that have sensible people. God invites us through the Bible that our behavior has logic, that is to say that we are sensible, that we put ourselves in the place of others and are always on the side of right, of justice and also of mercy. That’s why Jesus said. "So whatever you want men to do to you, do it to yourselves" (Matthew 7:12) Good sense is one of the vital characteristics in human behavior; it is the way to act with prudence and rectitude; it is the way to practice human relationships at all times; it is a way of behaving that inspires the person to follow through with his plans without interfering with others or trampling anyone, but there are things that should not be done according to William J.H. Boetcker, who proposed the following: You can not achieve prosperity if you do not practice the economy. The weak can not be strengthened by weakening the poor. You can not increase the salary by ruining the one who pays it. You can not get out of financial problems if you spend more than you earn. You can not permanently help humanity by doing for men what they could and should do for themselves You can not acquire security with borrowed money. (Juvenile morning Reflections of today and tomorrow .Author R. Escandon.) In conclusion the sensible person is one who puts their values ​​in action among them, showing confidence, sanity, judgment, understanding, reason, respect, and prudence, guided by common sense in the service of others. And respect people who do not share it. I hope that you are one of those few people who know each other with a high degree of good sense.

Author: Carlos Ramírez

Publication date: 08-Jun-2018