I promise you that I will never betray you?

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Reflexion (Paz Total)

For he who is faithful in the little also is most faithful, and the one who is unfaithful in the little in the much is the more unfaithful. Luke 16:10

Perhaps the title is something that you have already heard before, however you can also know the result of such a statement. What is the secret of fidelity in the couple? And in all the important aspects of life? For many still do not understand how to do or what to do to obtain fidelity from our spouse, our partner, our own family members, and there is no magic potion or drink that transforms an infidel into a faithful one. At the time of the altar or the signing of any covenant, vows and promises are made, it is sworn even by God that he will be faithful, that he will carry out the agreed business, that they will remain attached to the contract, but in practice, everything is far from be fulfilled. Sometimes after the problem the sinner is forgiven, supposedly repentant and hurt by his sin, but after a while the same behaviors appear and end in the same, failing the people and betraying the vows again. But will all human beings be infidels by nature? Or some of us are more than others? Will all human beings live only to satisfy their instincts as animals and leaving behind commitments and agreements? And then causing damage to who we love the most? Someone said sometime; I am not faithful because I want it or decide it, I am faithful because God makes me faithful, but if it were for me, I would have betrayed my wife more than a million times or maybe more. Although I found the comment funny and humorous, it is totally true and is what the Bible confirms. Big and small sins come only when people disconnect from God and we decide to act on our own. Eve already showed it by separating from Adam and the orders of God, also King David by letting himself be carried away by the beauty of a soldier’s wife, and thousands of other biblical characters who decided to separate from God because of the moment. All human misfortunes come from the separation of man from his creator; of their source of life, and sustenance. Paul confirms it in Philippians 4:13; "I can do everything in Christ that strengthens me", only God is the source of fidelity, do you want your life to be faithful? Go to God and he will help you to be more faithful every day.

Author: david cedeño

Publication date: 15-Jun-2018