Promises of God

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Because all the promises of God are in him, yes and in love, for many of us, for the glory of God. 2 Corinthians 2:10

The word promise is an offer that many of us make to our parents, children, wife, brothers and friends to fulfill with righteousness and fidelity a certain duty, using a fixed formula. We men can not live without promises. The promises are the daily bread that excites and animates the soul of the human being. To wait for the fulfillment of a promise is to hope that the longings of the heart are fulfilled. Most of us like to promise things to other people why they need something or we offer it to help them voluntarily, but often they are pure words with little interest or step out, we tell them to tell us, but we do not fulfill, many times what we do to try to persuade our children to do what we want when we tell them; For example that they pick up their shoes and keep them inside the shoe rack, etc., then we promise that if they keep their shoes in the shoe at the end of the month we will take them for a walk, or another prize, so they worry about keeping them in place . But do we always keep the promises made? God through his words tells us that his promises are conditional and others are not, in the conditional the Lord is willing to act under certain circumstances when it involves our participation, and the non-conditional ones are the blessings that we do not deserve but he continues to do for us. The most wonderful promise made to us is that Jesus said he would return to seek us and take us with him to dwell eternally, however this promise is conditional, he says; "I will take you so that where I am you also may be." That is, the Lord comes to look for those who resemble him, not the disobedient, drunks, thieves, infidels, sorcerers, false Christians, etc. , but comes by people who live like him and represent him with dignity, God allow you and me to be among those who make this wonderful promise their own.

Author: Carlos Ramírez

Publication date: 20-Jun-2018